Women of Steel S3 E4 - Karen Bowman

Women of Steel S3 E4 - Karen Bowman

September 29, 2021

After completing her degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick, Karen joined what was then British Steel, as a Logistics Graduate in 1992.

Working across a number of different departments over the last 29 years, Karen is currently working as an Integration Manager for Supply Chain. It has been quite a career for Karen, who has been able to successfully navigate being in a senior management position while raising her family – but it hasn’t always been easy.

Karen opens up about how it's vital to take time for yourself, the importance of prioritising your mental health, and how her own journey has made her a better leader. 

Women of Steel S3 E3 - Barbara Evans

Women of Steel S3 E3 - Barbara Evans

September 22, 2021

After joining the industry as an apprentice, Barbara has enjoyed a varied career specialising in the Energy department. With a thirst for learning that has carried her across the last twenty years, join us for a conversation on how Barbara is now navigating the next phase of her career, as it collides with an important issue for many women in the workplace – menopause.

With insights on how the support of female colleagues, alongside a robust workplace policy can make this transition period smoother for lots of women plus some brilliant book recommendations from Barbara that she has found to be essential over the last few years this podcast isn’t just for women experiencing menopause, but partners, colleagues and workplace policy makers.

Links to resources as mentioned in the episode:

Women of Steel S3 E2 - Dr. Aimee Goodall

Women of Steel S3 E2 - Dr. Aimee Goodall

September 15, 2021

Aimee is a Process Technology specialist at Tata Steel’s Llanwern site, having studied forensic science at De Montfort University it was by chance that Aimee discovered that there could be a field of study and work around metallurgy. Completing her PHD in 2019 Aimee is also vice-chair of the IOM3 Student and Early careers committee. 

Growing up in the steel town of Corby, Aimee was always aware of the steel industry, but never once imaged herself working in it herself. 

Join us for a conversation on finding your passions, working hard to achieve your goals and the benefits of allowing yourself time to relax. 

Women of Steel S3 E1 – Natalie Phillips

Women of Steel S3 E1 – Natalie Phillips

September 8, 2021

After joining the Royal Navy following a bet with her dad, Natalie successfully enjoyed a career as a Weapons Engineering Officer for over a decade, having 2 of her 3 children whilst in service; gaining operational campaign medals for service in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Libya.

Following the Navy, she began her career in steel working as an operations planner for Harsco and an advanced refractories technician for Vesuvius. Now, as a specialist in refractory maintenance on Port Talbot’s iconic Blast Furnaces, Natalie is open about the struggle of being the absent parent, the lessons she’s learned along the way and why she would encourage any girl to follow a path like hers.

Listen in for an honest, entertaining and informative chat with a formidable Women of Steel.  

Women of Steel S2 E6 - Heather Rowland

Women of Steel S2 E6 - Heather Rowland

December 13, 2020

Despite hailing from the north east of England – a region rich in heavy industry history – Heather Rowland never dreamt she’d be at the coalface of a south Wales steelworks.


Now, more than a decade into her career, Heather has overcome imposter syndrome to cement herself as a key figure in Port Talbot’s steelmaking plant, playing a large part in projects and processes that keep the site operating safely and efficiently.


As one of the 4% of women in operational roles across Tata Steel’s hub in Port Talbot and Llanwern, Heather is keen to see more female representation in the workforce, and while she has achieved so much already – she is not done yet. Heather is a true woman of steel.

Women of Steel S2 E5 - Natalie Young

Women of Steel S2 E5 - Natalie Young

December 6, 2020

While carving out a successful career in a private law firm, Natalie Young wanted to pursue a career that would give her an opportunity to have a more active input in legal projects. One way to achieve that was to join an in-house team.


Natalie joined Tata Steel back in 2009 as a solicitor in the property team. Since then, she has not only climbed the ladder to become Head of Legal for Property at Tata Steel Europe, but has made a conscious effort to extend her hand and assist others during their own climb.


A passionate singer in her spare time, Natalie hits all the right notes when harmonising potential obstacles for women in a man’s world, and how to overcome them.

Women of Steel S2 E4 - Rouha Hussaina

Women of Steel S2 E4 - Rouha Hussaina

December 1, 2020
Growing up in India, Rouha saw two obvious career choices - a doctor or an engineer. Having an aptitude for maths she decided that Mechanical engineering would be the best choice for her.
Being one of only a few women on her university course, and following a tough experience on a placement where she wasn't allowed onto a site due to her gender, Rouha joined Tata Steel's Blast Furnaces team in 2007 and never looked back.
There she found a supportive community of colleagues and mentors who challenged her and encouraged her to develop regardless of gender. Playing an integral role in some key construction projects, Rouha firmly cemented her name in the Tata Steel history books, but now after over a decade in steel she is working on sustainability projects. Full circle perhaps?
A tenacious spirit, can-do attitude and strong work ethic helped Rouha face career challenges head on.
A motivational conversation with one of Tata Steel's senior engineers, demonstrating that gender barriers are there to be smashed!
Women of Steel S2 E3 - Jo Evans

Women of Steel S2 E3 - Jo Evans

November 22, 2020

What started as a summer job to cover a hefty phone bill turned into a lifelong career for Jo Evans.

Starting at 17 in the sales office, within 10 years Jo was sales Director managing a large team of mostly men, twice her age.


Was this intimidating? 

What lessons did she learn along the way?


She is a woman forged from her experiences in steel. 


In this conversation, we learn about Jo's passion for helping others to learn on the job, she believes in giving people a chance, taking that risk and always learning from your mistakes.

Women of Steel S2 E2 - Amanda Brady

Women of Steel S2 E2 - Amanda Brady

November 15, 2020

Starting her career as a Graduate in hospitality and working her way to the top of that industry in HR some people might wonder why Amanda chose to move to a career in Steel. But as we discuss in the podcast Amanda loves a challenge.


Thriving on learning about people and what drives them, she sees her gender as an opportunity, not a challenge. She understands what she brings to the table, and knows her own worth. An inspirational conversation with a powerful female leader. 

Women of Steel S2 E1 - Susan Jones

Women of Steel S2 E1 - Susan Jones

November 8, 2020

To kick off series two of Women of Steel, we speak the founder of Tata Steel’s Steel Women’s Network, and recent Institution of Engineering and Technology award winner, Susan Jones.


Following a first taste of the steel industry while studying for her Masters, Susan had stints in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Since her return to the steelworks, Susan has not only flown the flag for women in STEM, but planted it firmly in the middle of the traditionally male-dominated workplace.


There’s no getting away from it, Susan is a true woman of steel.

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